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They’re born that way.

Are they?

Aren’t they?

Who?  I’m talking about anybody that does not meet the standard of someone else’s idea of “rightness”.

But what is the measure of “rightness”.  Who gets to decide this and how is that done?

Well… that is one measuring stick with feet on it.   It constantly moves from place to place depending on the society or the person and the time of life that society or person is in.

Have you ever thought about that?

What is your standard of “rightness” by which you judge others?

Jesus told a parable about the unwiseness of building on shifting sand.  In my life I know and accept God as that one unshifting, absolute understanding of “rightness”.

There’s a problem though.

My understanding of Him is NOT unshifting and absolute.  I’ve been growing for 36 years and am still growing – that means changing.

So back to the question.

Are they born that way?

I raise this question because it has “come at me” as someone else’s measuring stick for “rightness”.

My absolutes are being challenged on those grounds.

They were born that way.

I love the challenge.  Bring it on.  Not because I want to prove you wrong but because I want to refine my own beliefs to be sure that I am really growing in understanding of God’s reality.

There is a word… a phrase….that sums up where I am in this dilemma that people are continually faced with and more and more faced with in a society that allows every person so much wonderful freedom.

That word is design.

That phrase is God’s design.


His design is my absolute and I continually pursue an understanding of that absolute.

My understanding of God’s design is not necessarily absolute so let me take THIS moment to point out that he has not given us the seat of the judge and I believe it is for that very reason.  We look on the outward but HE looks at the heart.

So….just because we are born a certain way – whether physically, mentally or emotionally doesn’t mean we are “according to God’s design”.  It also doesn’t mean that we are any more evil than the person who does seem to meet His design.  The only hope of “rightness” that anyone has even on their best day is the “rightness” we receive from Jesus.

My argument for that?     We have ALL fallen and come short of HIS glory (perfection) which he created us in when he created us in his image and likeness.

We live in a world where sin –defined as “missing the mark”  – and confusion abound.  It has been that way since Adam and – if the watchmen are seeing clearly and are to be heeded – we are coming to the end of this era of confusion which all logic would tell you means that such things are coming to fullness and what one teacher calls “ripeness” and like the aroma of the ripened fruit will call our attention to it.

My answer to this dilemma at this point in time is, I guess, a little bit Taoist and a little bit Confucianist — a little bit Martha and I hope all guided by Mary who has sat at Jesus’ feet and partaken of his nature….

To let be and trust the ways and wisdom of God to work it all out in the eternal picture and to keep in my heart the desire to be lifegiving to all who come into my sphere.







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Isabelle is gone – yes – we know that she has gone home.  But she was, nevertheless, life.  It was amazing to have a conversation with her Mama and to know from her what an impact she has made on so many people who knew OF her – even if we didn’t KNOW her.  We talked of that understanding that in God’s wisdom and providence there are those who come for the shortest of times and then they are gone.  But sometimes they make such an impact.

Her Mama told me a story about an amazing hospital and the staff of nurses that gave them all the time they needed with Isabelle that day.  They were able to grieve and love her and talk to her and only let her go when their hearts were ready.  I cried as I listened to such a beautiful story of compassion.

Isabelle’s brother is doing fine and they will focus on helping him to get here safely.

This couple was part of the group that met in our home in Kansas City.    Besides them three other couples are pregnant – one Mama in the hospital even now as I write – helping her 2nd son and third child into the world.  We wait for that word that he’s here.

Another couple who was never (according to the experts) supposed to have children.  Had twins from the get-go, are fostering a group of tiny siblings and are expecting their 3rd child.

Another couple with a very Hawaiian little girl (Mama is Hawaiian) is expecting #2 also.

A couple has welcomed into their home, a granddaughter and the Mama.

Another couple are raising their daughter who is three-ish while they attend college.

We’re fascinated at all this new life and young life.   We are thankful for the fruitfulness of this little group of people – both the natural and the spiritual fruit that we see.

Thank you, Father, and spread your protecting wings over these young chicks.  Protect them from the hot sun and the cold winds.  Give them room to grow up strong and full of the knowledge of you.  And Father, for those who come and are not in places here your love is felt and where your provision is experienced…. give their spirits and souls a double portion of that protection and love.  Some will come and we won’t know they came and nobody will even care.  But you will.  Our minds might not be able to understand this but faith says their mission to earth matters to you.

Thank you, Father, that my heart will feel and I will cry for these things.  I remember the day when I had no comprehension of such pain.  When I was young.  I remember a friend who had three (?) miscarriages before she brought her son into the world – and that not without difficulty.  I had no grid for her pain.  I feel it now.   I am not afraid to feel these pains because with them there are the joys.  It’s the way this world is and will be til you come.


***** And the news arrives of the new baby’s birth.


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