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Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken recently at the Dallas Arboretum.  I have so enjoyed living near this place.  I’ve taken soooo many pictures in these five years.  The first time I went in April 2008 I was totally enthralled.  It was about as perfect a “Dallas Blooms” (you can Google this) as anyone could ask for.  Every thing was blooming together it seemed.  Since then I’ve seen some lows to match that high and even a snow covered spring but every year and every season of the year is worth the visit.

I do love photography but a sad thing has happened recently.  My camera died.  It was very old in camera years and had taken it’s fair share of pictures so I understood when it finally just wouldn’t… couldn’t… anymore.  I do miss that little camera.  I will get another one day.

The good news is that I have an excellent camera in my phone.  Two of them in fact and that means this summer is an excellent opportunity to learn to use them well. This year will be “The Year of the Phone Camera”.

So all these pictures are taken with my Phone Camera.  I hope you enjoy them and that I have better ones to share as the summer continues.





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After the trial comes the deliberation.  I think we all went into the jury room thinking that we’d be out in an hour.


It took at least three hours.

The trial is a civil (meaning forced courteousness) argument between two sides.  Interesting to see the faces of the lawyers.  Obviously in disagreement but not looking at each other.  Only looking at the judge.

The deliberation is a community of people coming to a place of agreement.  By this time I was truly fascinated especially since the subject of community is so near and dear to my heart.   And because I am part of a community of people who are – in a manner of speaking – laboring to see if there can be a place of walking in agreement.

It was interesting to see who was adamant and who was flexible and in what way and why.

I love watching people and trying to understand what makes us what we are and this was a rare opportunity to stare at others – well not REALLY stare – but to look closely.



I left there and went home and went to bed.  I was amazed at how weary I felt.

My attitude toward this activity has radically changed.  I think I might be growing up a little more.

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