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A confused Moonflower that would hardly even grow during the spring or summer.  But when when we had that little cold snap recently it decided to make a bud.  And it seems to be happy to now just be a bud.   Whatever makes it happy makes me happy.

Bougainvilla that spend most of the last month or so in shock from being moved from one environment to another wants to start growing.  So pretty.


The purple star flower – whose correct name I no longer remember.  These are the remains of it’s second blooming.   Mixed with the asparagus fern.  and what is that blue thing in the other pot???

Honey joined me for a sit down on the balcony.  She’s trying to hide behind the table.  She doesn’t want me to take her picture.

But, of course, I persisted til I prevailed.  She’s so pretty.  And see her on the chair.  This relatively new.  She’s taking her time with new experiences on the balcony and is mostly comfortable on the floor close to the door so she can dash in if anybody moves.  No really she’s getting better.   The picture I REALLY want to get and probably never will is Honey at the back door up on her hind legs patting the door and her eyes as big as saucers because we shut the door and forgot to let her in.  That is hysterical.


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I guess I shouldn’t call it the patio.  It’s really a balcony.  I really prefer the think of it as my back yard. You know — pretend.  I do miss having a yard.

Even tho I stopped writing for a while, life on the patio continued.   There were some failures and there were some successes.   We did get a little harvest.  Got some tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeños and some herbs.  Not too bad for a little table top garden.  I used some fresh dill and fresh parsley to make some salmon patties and they were wonderful.  I used a little of everything that grew.   The promise of strawberries stopped right there.  No strawberries.  And my beloved sunflowers struggled but never quite made it – just one or two.  Finally it was time to uproot the old and about that time my husband brought in some pots with plants that needed a new home.  I happily welcomed them onto my patio.

So I’ve been nurturing back to health some plants that I know not what they are…but also some hibiscus (beautiful), some Bougainvillea (yipee!  wanted one of these for a long time, now I have two).  I decided that one side of the patio will be in shrubs and plants – kind of like a hedge.  Maybe it will feel more like a very tiny yard if I do that and never sweep up the dirt.  

I’ll do this again next year – even the strawberries.

Something to look forward to.

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