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Our lives.

So many parts and pieces.

So many facets.

So much to do.

So little time.

So much that doesn’t get done.

I get busy doing stuff and I want to share it here but then I’m already off to something else and it didn’t get done.

Perhaps one day as I come nearer to the place of being an actual grown up my life will become more focused.

Maybe not.

Our lives are like that aren’t they?

Ok, not all, I guess.  Some lives seem to be very focused.  Or is it just that some blogs seem to be very focused and the lives behind the blogs are not really any more focused than mine is.   I have made attempts to focus this blog and categorize and compartmentalize the pieces of my life.  I was unsuccessful.  I think if I tried it right now I would still be unsuccessful.

I’m not really bothered by this.  Just…. you know…. thinking about where I am in my journey and working it out here in my blog.

This touches on that issue of recognition and how important I think that is.  Stopping a minute to check out what’s going on… what’s pushing our buttons…. what kind of reactions are we having…. what are we saying about what’s really important.

Seems like we could do this once or twice and be done with it.


As we grow and the landscape of our lives change and flow, life is a constant renegotiation.  If we’re not careful we might take the path of least resistance.  Might be ok for some things but I’m thinking not most things.   Somethings we have to work a little harder for.

It’s good to learn to pace ourselves.

So to all you “changing my life for the better people”  out there – I offer this word of encouragement…  if it’s going too fast just take a minute and ask the questions you need to ask to see if everything is still going OK.  Do you recognize what the place you’re in today?

It’s all the process and life takes time.



Contemplation Waits







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You know, I don’t really have many hits on my blog.  I do like to have the people show up.  It makes me feel connected but still it’s OK if I don’t.  I remind my self why I do this and interestingly, several of the folks who have shown up and communicated have also reminded me why I do this.

These people that I’m referring to are the ones who are talking about their journey to becoming better people.  A journey.  To be a better person.

Better. Saner. Kinder. Stronger. More Fearless.  More loving.  More giving.  Stronger in faith.  Stronger in relationships. Stronger in life.  Healthier perspectives.  Healthier emotions.  This list could go on of course.

Like I said – reminds me why I do this.  This blog has been my place to process.  It’s where I talk it through.  I feel like I’m talking to someone – haha – even when I know no one is stopping by!  I’ve tried at various times through the years to journal but it just didn’t have the same effect.  I knew I was alone.  So I started blogging in 2008, right before moving to Dallas.  Started out with an “up” attitude.  Then it started going down and became erratic.  Then I felt like I needed to back away from this.  If I remember correctly it was at least partly because I didn’t want to vomit my stuff on anyone.  So I stopped for about two years.

But I didn’t stop my forward movement.  

I came back this year because the desire to communicate again welled up in me.  Something shifted in me during the last part of 2012.  It was a good, healthy shift.  I feel like I’ve done some honest to goodness growing up.

Is life perfect? no   Do I still have some regrets?  yes  Could it be that like Jacob I will always walk with a limp?  Probably

But that’s OK.  That is life.

This is good and I’m enjoying seeing this process in other people’s lives.  I am truly blessed with things I read in people’s blogs.  I am blessed that people just want to be better – whatever that may mean to them.  I’m blessed that people are just living life in this world.

I applaud you.

AND I pray for you whoever you are that God will bless your journey and that you will find grace and help every time you need it.


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